the length of the feet lower limbs before long, the leg length is inconsistent, causes: the thigh, leg, foot bone or joint structural problems, can be divided into: length – really Legs skeleton gap length. False length: get foot skeleton length is consistent, but the pelvis or sloping shoulders appear while standing. Symptoms: when walking pace is not average, often fall; Widespread waist ache, foot pain in the knee and shoulder and rugged. Impact: true length ( More than 1 cm gap) Would tilt the pelvis, still have a chance to lead to long-term scoliosis, waist and leg muscle strain, inflammation and pain treatment method:

because of the children at the growth stage, must by orthopaedic surgeon diagnosed as true or false length, length can be processed. True length increase height on shoes or orthopedische binnenzool manufacturers, heighten of the following is a commonly used processing methods:

false length need by orthopedic doctors diagnose the causes and suggest treatment method.

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